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W-L Alfalfa Product Line-Up

W-L Research offers the broadest range of alfalfa varieties and traits available. From very winterhardy HQ (high-quality selected) varieties like WL 319HQ to “super” nondormant (FD=10) desert types like WL 712, W-L has a variety that will fit the needs of just about any alfalfa producer in the country. We’ve been in the alfalfa breeding and development business for over 50 years, and it shows. With value-added traits such as high-quality selected (HQ), high-production winterhardy varieties (5/2 types), potato leafhopper resistance (LH), Race-2 Aphanomyces root rot resistance (APH), grazing-tolerance (GZ), and Roundup Ready® alfalfa (RR), W-L offers the widest selection of variety-trait combinations available today. And, with the best technical staff in the alfalfa seed business, W-L provides after-the-sale service and support that gives our customers the opportunity to maximize profitability every time they harvest a field of W-L alfalfa.

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